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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions?  Call (215) 990-9750 or E-mail Chef Karen

Do I have to do anything to prepare for your visit?
Chef Karen arrives with all the food and equipment needed to cook your meals on your designated cooking day.  You are requested to have the kitchen clean with no dishes in the sink and the bottom shelf in the refrigerator clear.  If there are pets in the household you are asked to keep them out of the kitchen.
Do I need to be home during your visit?
That is entirely up to you. Many of my clients choose to be home for the first cooking day but that is not mandatory.  We will review your kitchen layout during our initial consultation so you are welcome to leave and go about your business.  Chef Karen generally arrives by 10 am and works for approximately 6 hours on site, depending on the complexity of your menu.  She has a key arrangement or some other access routine with most regular clients. 
How much work do I really have to do to serve these meals?
That is up to you.  Your menu can include all fully cooked entrees such as fully cooked meats and side dishes.  Most meat entrees are cooked unless you want food prepared and ready to barbecue. If some minor cooking is agreeable then being Italian I prefer not to freeze cooked pasta and will leave pasta for you to boil and serve.  Similarly, you might be asked to bake or broil fish for which sauce and other accompaniments are provided on the side to finish the dish.
How are the meals packaged?
Chef Karen uses Versatainer containers which can go from refrigerator and freezer to oven, microwave oven, to table so you don't have to dirty a dish.  Every container is labeled with contents and heating/serving instructions.  Individual packaging is available if those in the household do not get to eat together.
What does it cost to have a personal chef? 
Fees for personal chef services vary depending on the quantity and nature of the services provided and are on a service fee plus cost of groceries basis.  Catering, cooking class and dinner party pricing are quoted for each individual event.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes.  Gift certificates are a wonderful gift for occasions of all kinds.   Please contact us for more information.

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Karen's Chef du Jour Personal Chef Service
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